President Bush’s FY 2006 budget proposals included restructuring of the federal Medicaid program, including significant cuts to the program. In response to the President’s proposed budget, Congress put forward a budget resolution that reduced the cuts to $10 billion over five years. The NGA has also put forward its own proposal for Medicaid reform. Their proposal includes provisions based upon the Governors’ concerns about the extensive growth in Medicaid funding by States. Many advocates are concerned that some of these proposals will negatively impact beneficiaries, especially the elderly and people with disabilities. Download PDF
ABCD policy brief that analyzes the impact of the Medicare Prescription Drug Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003 (MMA) on individuals who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. (Feb 11, 2005) Download PDF
Prescription drug coverage under Medicaid for people eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid will stop. The only way to get drug coverage on January 1, 2006, is to receive Medicare Part D. A chart prepared by ABCD provides information on these changes. (November 4, 2005) Download PDF
Two comparison charts which layout: (1) the difference between Dual Eligibles and PAAD Beneficiaries transition to Medicare Part D; and (2) the impact of the Medicare Part D Program on Dual Eligibles. Includes the recommendation of creating a Wrap-around Program for Duals at a cost of $20 million using some of the $90 million savings from PAAD (Revised-June 2, 2005) (Delivered June 9, 2005) Download PDF
President Bush’s proposed Medicaid changes: An analysis of Bush’s FY 2006 Budget impact on Medicaid and significant Medicaid funding changes. (Feb 11, 2005) Download PDF
Impact of Bush Administration and Governors’ Proposals: This policy analysis provides an explanation of the proposals and an analysis of the impact of the different proposals to change the Medicaid for optional populations groups, including seniors and people with disabilities. (June 4, 2003) Download PDF
Synthesis of a national health law program report related to Medicaid Reimbursement. Explains how state Medicaid must comply with federal law and regulations related to payment of providers to ensure that services are available. (Oct 19, 2000) Download PDF
Under Medicaid in New Jersey: Provides information on Special Needs Trusts and the Asset Test under New Jersey Medicaid Regulations. (Oct 17, 2003) Download PDF



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